2017 MAP Conference: MAP Associated Crohn’s Disease and Treatment

by Dr. William Chamberlin

Dr. Chamberlin is a gastroenterologist at the San Antonio Military Medical Center in Texas. In his talk, he presents evidence of healing in Crohn’s disease patients treated with antibiotics. He also reviews some of the literature on antibiotic treatment in Crohn’s disease and discusses the flawed Selby antibiotic trial. “Do antibiotics have a positive effect on Crohn’s disease? Absolutely.”

Video Presentation


Q&A Session

What is your opinion on immunosuppressants like 6MP?
A clarification of the graph in the presentation.
Discussion of cattle who were treated with clofazimine and MAP test results after antibiotic treatment.
How do patients get clofazimine in the United States and Canada?
Is all Crohn’s disease caused by MAP?
What is the data on MAP sensitivity to antibiotics?
A discussion on the effects of clofazimine and antibiotic combinations in patients.
Why did so many patients drop out of the Selby study?



Interview with Dr. Chamberlin

Questions and issues discussed include:

Where are you currently practicing?
What are the differences in long/short term and adult/pediatric patients in response to AMAT?
A hypothesis for the flu-like symptoms upon starting antibiotic therapy.
Why do patients test positive for MAP but do not respond to antibiotic therapy?
Why do some patients initially respond to antibiotics and then relapse?
An update on EpiBro.

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