MAP Doctors and Research Centers Around the Globe

All around the world there are doctors and researchers studying Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis. Explore our interactive MAP map to visualize how this issue affects people and places all over the globe. Zoom in to view multiple entries in certain regions. Click on a bubble to get additional information.

John Aitken and Otakaro Pathways

John Aitken and Otakaro Pathways Christchurch, New Zealand Microbiologist studying MAP who offers a patient accessible diagnostic test. Otakaro Pathways  

Prof. Thomas Borody

Prof. Thomas Borody Sydney, Australia Gastroenterologist treating patients with Anti-MAP therapy; Creator of RHB-104. Center for Digestive Diseases  

RedHill Biopharma

RedHill Biopharma New York, NY Currently trialling Anti-MAP therapy RHB-104 RedHill Biopharma

RedHill Biopharma

RedHill Biopharma Tel Aviv, Israel Currently trialling Anti-MAP therapy RHB-104 RedHill Biopharma  

Prof. John Hermon-Taylor and Dr. Amy Hermon-Taylor

Prof. John Hermon-Taylor and Dr. Amy Hermon-Taylor London, England Working to develop a MAP Diagnostic and Vaccine Crohn’s Map Vaccine  

Patrick McLean

Patrick McLean Montreal, Canada RedHill Biopharma Product Manager for RHB-104 RedHill Biopharma

Dr. Tony Milici and GeneThera

Dr. Tony Milici and GeneThera Denver, Colorado A biotechnology company dedicated to improving food safety by applying the latest molecular technologies to eradicate zoonotic diseases such as Johne’s Disease. GeneThera  

Dr. Michael Collins

Dr. Michael Collins Madison, Wisconsin A veterinarian committed to stopping the spread of MAP on the farm and to the human population. University of Wisconsin VetMed

Dr. Saleh Naser

Dr. Saleh Naser Orlando, Florida Gatroenterologist, researcher and author of numerous articles on MAP, Dr. Naser has diligently studied how MAP is causative of Crohn’s disease. Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Marcel Behr

Dr. Marcel Behr Montreal, Canada Dr. Behr’s lab uses bacterial genetics to study the epidemiology and pathogenesis of mycobacterial diseases such as MAP. Behr Research Lab

Dr. Nadya Markova

Dr. Nadya Markova Sofia, Bulgaria Focusing on cell wall deficient mycobacteria, such as MAP, this microbiology lab has published many articles which provides a better understanding of MAP. They work in conjunction with John Aitken. The Stephan Angleoff Institute of Microbiology

Dr. Robert Click

Dr. Robert Click River Falls, Wisconsin Researcher who discovered a probiotic called Dietzia that reverses the effects of MAP and Johne’s disease in cows. Dietzia is currently being trialed by Prof. Borody for Crohn’s disease. A Potential ‘Curative’ Modality for Crohn’s Disease

Dr. David Rubin

Dr. David Rubin Chicago, Illinois Gastroenterologist and International Crohn’s Symposium presenter, Dr. Rubin incorporates Anti-MAP treatment into his practice. University of Chicago Medicine  

Dr. Rod Chiodini

Dr. Rod Chiodini Billings, Montana Over 30-years ago, Dr. Chiodini made a personal committment to finding the cause and cure of Crohn’s disease. He has authored numerous research articles on MAP and Crohn’s disease. The Crohn’s Disease Initiative

Dr. Irene Grant

Dr. Irene Grant Belfast, Ireland Dr. Grant’s long time research interest has been MAP, its heat resistance, presence in milk and dairy products, and methods for its accurate detection. Queen’s University Belfast

Dr. Jeremy Sanderson

Dr. Jeremy Sanderson London, England Dr. Sanderson is a gastroenterologist who incorporates Anti-MAP treatment into his practice. London Bridge College

Dr. Ira Shafran

Dr. Shafran has been a Gastroenterologist since 1979 and has published research on MAP. He runs the Shafran Gastroenterology Center in Florida, which tailors treatment to meet each patient’s individual needs.

Dr. Leonardo Sechi

Dr. Sechi is Professor of Microbiology at the University of Sassari. An expert on the role of MAP in multiple sclerosis and Type 1 Diabetes, he has contributed a significant body of research on these topics.

Dr. Gilles R. G. Monif

A former assistant dean at a United States medical school and a special consultant in infectious diseases to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Dr. Monif has turned his interests to MAP. His book, The Prevention of Crohn’s Disease, is available on Amazon.

Dr. Karen Mullins

Karen Mullins is licensed as a Primary Care Provider as a doctor of oriental medicine. She is also a functional medicine doctor who is knowledgeable about MAP and has been studying digestive health for over 20 years. Contact number: 505-819-8454.

Dr. William Davis

Dr. Davis is a veterinary researcher at Washington State University who is studying the mechanisms regulating the immune response to MAP with the aim of developing a protective vaccine against MAP in livestock.

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