2017 MAP Conference: The Rationale for Antibiotics in Crohn’s Disease

by Dr. Ira Shafran

Dr. Shafran is a gastroenterologist who has been practicing in the Orlando area since 1979. He has used Anti-MAP therapy as part of his practice, and talks about his experience treating patients, including why current therapies have no role in treating Crohn’s disease in his opinion. Research from Crohn’s patients who have been treated with antibiotics is presented. Deep mucosal healing and sustained remission was found in 11 patients over an 18 year period. For more information on Dr. Shafran’s practice, see the Shafran Gatroenterology Center website.



Q&A Session

Of the patients who relapse, are they on or off antibiotic therapy?
Have you tested patients for MAP?
Have your patients gotten prostate disease?
Why do you not see lesions upstream of a diverting ostomy?
Why not add flagyl to your antibiotic combination?
Do you use a Cipro/flagyl combination as a first line therapy in Crohn’s patients?
Why do patients get flu-like symptoms when they begin the triple antibiotic therapy? Is that a Herxheimer reaction?



Interview with Dr. Shafran

Questions and issues discussed include:

A discussion about Dr. Shafran’s practice and what type of non-drug, alternative methods he uses in IBD.
What are your thoughts on oregano oil and monolaurin in IBD?
Do you believe MAP causes Crohn’s disease?
Can MAP therapy be used in combination with a biologic?
What type of MAP testing have you done on Crohn’s patients?
Do you have any advice for Crohn’s mothers who are worried about MAP transmission in their breast milk?
Is is possible to isolate why the immune system of Crohn’s patients is reacting to MAP in such a devastating way?
How would you suggest repairing the innate immune defects in Crohn’s patients?
What do you think a cure may look like for Crohn’s disease?
Why are Crohn’s disease rates higher among some groups like Canadians or Ashkenazi Jews?
How does zoonosis play a role in Crohn’s disease?


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