2017 MAP Conference: Rationale for Triple Antibiotic Therapy for MAP

by Dr. Ira Kalfus

Dr. Kalfus is a Medical Director at RedHill Biopharma, which is currently conducting a Phase III FDA trial of a specific combination of antibiotics in Crohn’s disease patients. In his presentation, Dr. Kalfus gives the reason behind triple therapy for MAP and how the three antibiotics were selected. He also talks about how the currently available Crohn’s therapies have some anti-MAP activity. MAP diagnostics, the Selby study and the ongoing RedHill study are also discussed.



Q&A Session

Have you presented the reanalysis here to other conferences, and what has been the response?
A discussion of the RedHill study design and qualifications for inclusion.
What happens if a patient reacts to one component of the triple combination?
Is there a benefit to measuring MAP reduction instead of just the absence of MAP?
Clarification of a placebo and add-on therapy trials.
Will there be colonoscopy data included in the trial?
A discussion of the “early-stop” option.


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