2017 MAP Conference Q&A Videos

The following videos are the questions from the audience after each of the primary presentations. The audio is sometimes unclear, and has been adjusted when possible. Some of the Q&A sessions are included at the end of the speaker’s primary presentation, and are therefore not included here. The Q&A videos below can also be found under each individual speaker’s presentation page. They are compiled in this format for the ease of our viewers.

Dr. Michael Collins | MAP: A Zoonotic Pathogen Q&A

Do all MAP infected animals develop clinical disease?
Is there a cell-mediated immune response?
An update on the U.S. paratuberculosis control programs.


Dr. Vivek Kapur | Diagnosis of MAP Infection and Disease in Livestock Q&A

Is there a definition of latent paratuberculosis?
Have you looked at the cell mediated response to the antigens that had a humeral response?
Have you used any cytoplasmic. antibodies?
Are there any known genetic or autophagy defects that correlate with susceptibility to MAP in your animal models?


Dr. Adrienne McNees | Detecting Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) in Crohn’s Disease Patients Q&A

Have you DNA sequenced all of the positive results?
How many colonies of MAP do you see?
How do you account for the high incidence of MAP in controls?
Were blood samples cultured aerobically for other organisms?
Is IS900 unique and specific for MAP?


John Aitken | MAP Blood Culture and Diagnostic Testing Q&A

Is there anything out there that will destroy biofilm?
Can MAP replicate inside the amoeba?
Won’t the immune system target biofilm right away?
What cells are your L-forms inside?
How do you think the spheroplast divides?
Have you applied the same human assay to cattle with Johne’s disease and controls?
How do autophagy genes tie in to susceptibility to this organism?



Dr. Horacio Bach | Virulence Factors as Potential Antigens for Serologic Tests Q&A

Would cholestyramine be effective at hindering MAP due to reduction in available cholesterol?
Can we use VPS33B as a treatment for MAP?
Discussion on how granulomas are created by MAP.
Does this PtpA assay work for other mycobacterial infections like TB?
A discussion on helminth treatments in Crohn’s Disease.
Would helminths be able to act as a cellular vacuum clearer for macrophage byproducts?



Dr. William Chamberlin | MAP Associated Crohn’s Disease and Treatment Q&A

What is your opinion on immunosuppressants like 6MP?
A clarification of the graph in the presentation.
Discussion of cattle who were treated with clofazimine and MAP test results after antibiotic treatment.
How do patients get clofazimine in the United States and Canada?
Is all Crohn’s disease caused by MAP?
What is the data on MAP sensitivity to antibiotics?
A discussion on the effects of clofazimine and antibiotic combinations in patients.
Why did so many patients drop out of the Selby study?



Dr. Harry Oken | Is MAP the Trigger in the Crohn’s Spectrum Q&A

A discussion on the applicability of this case study to future patients.
Were genetic markers, like NOD2 or a Prometheus panel, done on this patient?
Did the patient have Saccharomyces antibodies?
Did the MRE show any information on the mesenteric lymph nodes?
At what point did the diarrhea resolve in this patient?



Prof. Thomas Borody | Treating MAP in Crohn’s Disease Q&A

Why do you “ramp up” antibiotic therapy?
Why do you not use hyperbaric oxygen on all Crohn’s patients?
Are there any placebo controlled trials using fecal matter transplant therapy alone in Crohn’s disease?
Do you test for MAP, and if so, what lab do you use?
How do you get such high rates of remission in Crohn’s disease?
What is the difference between rifampin and rifabutin?
A discussion of therapeutic vaccination.
Are there bacteria other than MAP involved in Crohn’s disease?
Why do you include Vitamin D in your treatment regimen?


Dr. Ira Shafran | The Rationale for Antibiotics in Crohn’s Disease Q&A

Of the patients who relapse, are they on or off antibiotic therapy?
Have you tested patients for MAP?
Have your patients gotten prostate disease?
Why do you not see lesions upstream of a diverting ostomy?
Why not add flagyl to your antibiotic combination?
Do you use a Cipro/flagyl combination as a first line therapy in Crohn’s patients?
Why do patients get flu-like symptoms when they begin the triple antibiotic therapy? Is that a Herxheimer reaction?



Dr. Ira Kalfus | Rationale for Triple Antibiotic Therapy for MAP Q&A

Have you presented the reanalysis here to other conferences, and what has been the response?
A discussion of the RedHill study design and qualifications for inclusion.
What happens if a patient reacts to one component of the triple combination?
Is there a benefit to measuring MAP reduction instead of just the absence of MAP?
Clarification of a placebo and add-on therapy trials.
Will there be colonoscopy data included in the trial?
A discussion of the “early-stop” option.



Dr. Peilin Zhang | Cross-reactivity of Antibodies Against Microbial Proteins to Human Tissues as a Basis for Crohn’s Disease Q&A

Have you tested MAP in controls?
What protein are you using in your MAP ELISA test?
Have you looked for cross-reactivity among other species?
A discussion of Hsp65 in relation to MAP.


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