2017 MAP Conference Interviews

The following videos are additional interviews that Human Para and Majestic Plural Studios conducted with some of the presenters. These videos can also be found under each individual speaker’s presentation page. They are compiled here for the ease of the viewers. A huge thanks to the researchers for sitting down with Human Para to answer our questions and to Jason of Majestic Plural Studios for partnering with us to make these interviews possible.

Dr. William Chamberlin

Questions and issues discussed include:

Where are you currently practicing?
What are the differences in long/short term and adult/pediatric patients in response to AMAT?
A hypothesis for the flu-like symptoms upon starting antibiotic therapy.
Why do patients test positive for MAP but do not respond to antibiotic therapy?
Why do some patients initially respond to antibiotics and then relapse?
An update on EpiBro.



Dr. Gilles R.G. Monif

Questions and issues discussed include:

The loss of immunological tolerance in Crohn’s disease.
What can we do to prevent and heal Crohn’s disease?
The role of the microbiome in IBD.
How do we fix a broken immune template?
Dietary and lifestyle changes to improve Crohn’s disease.
What role does genetics play in Crohn’s disease?



Dr. Ira Shafran

Questions and issues discussed include:

A discussion about Dr. Shafran’s practice and what type of non-drug, alternative methods he uses in IBD.
What are your thoughts on oregano oil and monolaurin in IBD?
Do you believe MAP causes Crohn’s disease?
Can MAP therapy be used in combination with a biologic?
What type of MAP testing have you done on Crohn’s patients?
Do you have any advice for Crohn’s mothers who are worried about MAP transmission in their breast milk?
Is is possible to isolate why the immune system of Crohn’s patients is reacting to MAP in such a devastating way?
How would you suggest repairing the innate immune defects in Crohn’s patients?
What do you think a cure may look like for Crohn’s disease?
Why are Crohn’s disease rates higher among some groups like Canadians or Ashkenazi Jews?
How does zoonosis play a role in Crohn’s disease?



Dr. Harry Oken

Questions and issues discussed include:

A discussion about Dr. Oken’s practice and how he got interested in MAP.
Can MAP cause conditions other than Crohn’s disease?
What dietary and lifestyle measures do you recommend for Crohn’s disease patients?
What is the role of Vitamin D in Crohn’s disease, and what level is ideal?
Will Vitamin K stimulate MAP to grow in patients?
What is your position on MAP in Crohn’s disease?
What is your advice to patients who want to treat their MAP infection?



Dr. Horacio Bach

Questions and issues discussed include:

A discussion about Dr. Bach’s work and a summary of his presentation.
What does MAP do to block the activation of macrophages?
How does infliximab work on MAP?
What is your opinion on zoonotic potential of MAP?
Is there any message you have for the patients?


Prof. Thomas Borody

Questions and issues discussed include:

What is the difference between treatment naive patients and those who have undergone conventional therapies?
Are there any antibiotic trials for children?
Are there any new treatments coming soon?
What can be done for patients who do not respond to AMAT?
Are there any probiotics or supplements you would recommend?
Will AMAT kill your microbiome?
Is MAP a zoonosis?


Dr. Tim Bull

Questions and issues discussed include:

A discussion of Dr. Bull’s presentation in common terms.
What is added to the culture media to force MAP out of a dormant state?
Is the objective of your experiments to make MAP grow faster?
What can inhibit MAP growth?
Does freezing kill MAP?
How long does MAP survive in the environment?
How may your findings in the lab translate to human treatments?
How do you establish the zoonotic link for MAP?



John Aitken

Questions and issues discussed include:

What is your laboratory working on now?
How far away are you from MAP antibiotic susceptibility testing?
When will we have proof that MAP causes Crohn’s disease?
Would you classify MAP as a “superbug?”
Is AMAT treating things other than MAP?
Should patients try to reduce biofilm in addition to treating with AMAT?
Are there any supplements that can disrupt biofilm?
Does MAP survive in dairy products, such as aged cheese?
Is MAP in Crohn’s disease a zoonosis?


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