2017 MAP Conference: The Pathogenesis of Crohn’s Disease

by Dr. Gilles R.G. Monif

Dr. Monif, the President of Infectious Disease Incorporated, presents his proposed mechanism on how MAP causes Crohn’s disease. Two factors: infection by MAP and subsequent loss of immunological tolerance, and repeated exposure to and adherence of MAP, combine to produce disease. A hypothetical debate between Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur¬†about whether MAP is the cause of Crohn’s disease delves into the proof issues.

 Video Presentation


Questions and issues discussed include:

The loss of immunological tolerance in Crohn’s disease.
What can we do to prevent and heal Crohn’s disease?
The role of the microbiome in IBD.
How do we fix a broken immune template?
Dietary and lifestyle changes to improve Crohn’s disease.
What role does genetics play in Crohn’s disease?

PowerPoint Presentation

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