2017 MAP Conference: Evidence that Crohn’s Disease is a Disease of Innate Immune Deficiency

by Dr. William Chamberlin

Dr. Chamberlin is a gastroenterologist at the San Antonio Military Medical Center in Texas. In his second presentation, he outlines why he believes that Crohn’s disease is both a disease of immune deficiency and also an infectious disease. The immune system is reviewed, differences in the innate and adaptive immune system are discussed, and genetic mutations which allow MAP to take advantage of certain immune pathways are detailed. Compounds which may stimulate autophagy like turmeric and Vitamin D are discussed. A Q&A session follows the presentation.


Interview with Dr. Chamberlin

Questions and issues discussed include:

Where are you currently practicing?
What are the differences in long/short term and adult/pediatric patients in response to AMAT?
A hypothesis for the flu-like symptoms upon starting antibiotic therapy.
Why do patients test positive for MAP but do not respond to antibiotic therapy?
Why do some patients initially respond to antibiotics and then relapse?
An update on EpiBro.

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