FatherSunday, June 19th is Father’s Day in the United States. After John Aitken’s moving post about Mothers, we felt it only right to acknowledge all of the fathers on their special day!

This site and the research it contains would not exist without the brilliance of a group of fathers: Dr. William Chamberlin, Dr. Michael Collins, John Aitken, Patrick McLean, Prof. Thomas Borody and Prof. John Hermon-Taylor. Each has played an integral part in the research and treatment of IBD via a pathogen model.

Hippocrates, the Greek physician born in 460 B.C., established the first school of medicine and promoted the idea that disease was caused naturally, and not by superstition or the gods. He is even credited with the earliest recorded reference to endoscopy! For this and more, he is remembered as the Father of Medicine. Even now, physicians recite the Hippocratic oath, which in part reads, “May I always act to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.” Thank you to our site fathers who embody this oath, allowing so many patients to experience the joy of healing while preserving the finest traditions of their calling.

Each week our site receives an inquiry from a father, or about a father. Sometimes it’s from a father seeking healing for his sick child. Other times it’s from an adult child seeking healing for their sick father. And some are from fathers themselves, who want to be well to care for their own children. To all of the fathers out there: We hear you and acknowledge your love and strength in whatever health battle you are fighting. We support you. We care.

Happy Father’s Day!

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.”
– Abbé Prévost

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