Changing your diet can help reduce symptoms of IBD of MAP-driven conditions. Your doctor may recommend that you make changes to your diet such as:

1. Avoiding carbonated, or “fizzy,” drinks.
2. Avoiding popcorn, vegetable skins, nuts, and other high-fiber foods.
3. Drinking more liquids.
4. Eating smaller meals more often.
5. Keeping a food diary to help identify foods that cause problems.

These general recommendations may be only the beginning of changes that can provide relief for the symptoms of your condition. Depending on your symptoms or medicines, your doctor may recommend a specific diet, such as a diet that is:

– high calorie
– lactose free
– low fat
– low fiber
– low salt

Talk with your doctor about specific dietary recommendations and changes. Your doctor may also recommend nutritional supplements and vitamins if you do not absorb enough nutrients. The following diets are some of the most commonly used by patients with IBD and MAP-driven immune conditions.

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