The Dietzia Foundation

cropped-Virus-Micrograph.jpgThe Crohn’s Infection is pleased to announce the newly created Dietzia Foundation! From their website, “Dietzia Foundation is a publicly supported nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting scientific medical research in the field of gastroenterology. Specifically, we support those trying to develop preventative or therapeutic treatments for gastrointestinal dysbiosis associated diseases like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and others.”

Their initially funded project, entitled St. Croix Valley Farms – Phase I Clinical Trial Study, looks to be a Phase I trial exploring the safety of Dietzia in humans. The Principle Investigator, Dr. Robert E. Click, “is the inventor of the technology and performed the published preclinical studies that demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of Dietzia for the treatment of Johne’s disease in bovines, which is similar to Crohn’s disease in humans. He has extensive experience with the production of Dietzia and directed the production of GMP-quality Dietzia in Australia. He also assisted in the design and evaluation of a preliminary clinical trial in Australia that provided evidence that Dietzia can be used safely in humans.”

This is great news for the community of IBD sufferers who are interested in seeing promising new therapies begin trials. We hope that this foundation will bring Dietzia one step closer to future clinical use. For more information on Dietzia, see the Dietzia Foundation website and Dietzia: A Potential Probiotic Therapy for Crohn’s Disease.

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