MAP and Crohn’s Disease in the News

Some of you may have seen these recent news articles regarding MAP and Crohn’s disease. For those of you who missed it, here’s a brief recap. I particularly enjoyed listening to the two new interviews given by Prof. Thomas Borody.

Christchurch Woman Says Drug and Determination Cured Her Crohn’s

One of the original patients treated with Anti-MAP therapy by Prof. Thomas Borody, Kimberley Coleman was treated for 9 years. She has remained symptom free for an additional 9 years since discontinuing Anti-MAP therapy. Read the full story here:

Doctors Have Potentially Found a Cure of Crohn’s Disease.

This article gives details of the RedHill Biopharma RHB-104 Phase III trial in Australia and New Zealand, which was recently launched. It also has some striking before and after photos of damaged and healed intestine utilizing Anti-MAP therapy.

Clinical Study Testing a Novel Approach for Crohn’s Disease Treatment

This is a nine minute interview with Prof. Thomas Borody in which he talks about treatment of Crohn’s disease with Anti-MAP therapy and gives some background on MAP. He also discusses the RedHill Biopharma clinical trial and why this therapy works for Crohn’s disease patients.

Professor Thomas Borody on Crohn’s Disease and Gut Health

In this nearly 8 minute interview, Prof. Borody talks about Anti-MAP therapy, C. Diff. infection, fecal matter transplants and the “crapsule.”  

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