Is Crohn's Disease Contagious?

You may wonder if Crohn’s disease is a type of infection, could it be contagious? The short answer is that Crohn’s disease is not contagious within the human population. Though Johne’s disease is caused by MAP and is highly contagious among cattle, this same model of infection does not translate to humans who have Crohn’s disease. While MAP can be spread to humans through pasteurized milk and other environmental sources, only certain genetically susceptible people will develop Crohn’s disease. The role of MAP in those cases is more akin to a trigger than an infection. No one with Crohn’s disease needs to worry that they can give it to their spouse, friends or children.

How can I get tested for MAP/Son of MAP?

John Aitken’s lab in New Zealand provides one of the world’s only experimental tools for the detection of a Crohn’s related bacterial biomarker nicknamed Son of MAP, and previously called “Red Spots” or “Wherocytes.” (Whero is the Maori word for Red. The Maori are the indigenous New Zealand population.) John believes that Son of MAP are markers that are a close relative of MAP within the Mycobacterial family. With John’s years of experience working with Mycobacteria, he is pursuing this interesting discovery and can provide detailed results that you can use to further direct treatment.

To request sample testing through John Aitken’s laboratory in New Zealand, please visit the Otakaro Pathways contact page and submit an inquiry for further details.

Is CME credit available for the symposium?

CME accreditation was available for the fee of $500 through the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians (IAFP). For details on how to obtain CME credit post-symposium, please contact the IAFP directly.

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