Dr. Michael Collins | 2016 World Buiatrics Congress Keynote Address

Michael CollinsVeterinary medicine and animal agriculture had our chance to deal with paratuberculosis before it became an epidemic. Today, 121 years since Heinrich Albert Johne described paratuberculosis in a Guernsey cow in Germany, well over half of all dairy herds in virtually all major dairy-producing countries are infected with M. paratuberculosis. It is almost certain that humans are becoming infected and that the most probable means of infection is via the food supply.

Read more about the facts, predictions and what can be done to control M. paratuberculosis in Dr. Michael T. Collins’ 2016 World Buiatrics Congress Keynote Address.

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Dr. Michael Collins – The MAP Infection | An Introduction

Introductory SlideCrohn’s disease is a foodborne zoonotic bacterial infection caused by a pathogen known as MAP. This bold concept is moving from theory to reality. An international research symposium being held August 16 in Deerfield, Illinois will bring to light this new idea as to what causes Crohn’s disease, an idea that offers a path to complete cure.

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