Pic ChamberlinDecember 12, 2015

New today! We have added additional items to Dr. Chamberlin’s Anti-MAP Q&A. See what Dr. Chamberlin has to say on the Anti-MAP Q&A page.

Topics include:

  • Pre-AMAT bloodwork
  • Full dose vs. Ramp up when starting AMAT therapy
  • Rifabutin vs. Rifampin
  • Therapy not currently approved.
  • My Doctor won’t prescribe the AMAT treatment.
  • Relapse.
  • AMAT duration.
  • Remission rates.

We welcome your comments on this post with any additional questions that you have.

Keep in mind, we can’t post medical questions solely pertaining to your individual case on this site. Your doctor needs to review your specific case to prescribe treatment. However, if you have a general question, we will submit it to the experts.


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